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CD Cover live at the bird's eye Vol. 13 South Africa
Live at the bird's eye jazz club Vol. 13 South Africa (LABE13, 2013)
This CD features a cross-section of the concerts with South African artitsts who performed at the bird's eye jazz club since 2004. It will be launched at the club on 28 and 29 May 2013 with a live concert by Hilton Schilder and The Iconcolast.The album was produced with the help of crowdfunding - thank you for making it happen!

01: Rockart - Khomani Dreams 4:13
02. Mac McKenzie and the Goema Captains of Cape Town - Red Rock City 8:58
03: Bänz Oester & the Rainmakers - Eucalypso 9:55
04: Rogue State Alliance - Maak it Aan 3:09
05: Paul Hanmer Quartet - Severn 6:46
06: Marcus Wyatt ZAR - That Day She Left 6:55
07: Kyle Shepherd Trio - Dreamstate 9:27
08: The Blue Notes Tribute Orkestra - Dear Africa 8:55
09: Carlo Mombelli and the Prisoners of Strange, European Edition - Buzzycle 6:12
10: Paul Hanmer - McCoy Mrubata Duo - The White Sand of the Flats 13:21

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The bird's eye jazz club or
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album cover feya faku hope and glory CD

Feya Faku: Hope and Honour (FFCD002, 2010)
Recorded in September 2008 at the bird's eye jazz club, Basel, this album has its origins in the residency of Feya Faku at the bird's eye jazz club in May and June 2006 and the subsequent tour the Swiss South African Jazz Quintet in June 2007. The line-up features some of the Swiss musicians Feya Faku got to know during these projects.

01. Ode to Bra 3:58
02. Birsigstrasse 5:42
03. Durban 5:52
04. For Maxine 5:31
05. How's the Coast? 6:08
06. Conversation with the Legends 4:04 (for Makaya Ntshoko / Lefifi Tladi)
07. Journey Home 6:28
08. Miss Best 7:16 (for Bessie Ntshona)
09. Elegy for Bheki Mseleku 5:34
10. Sans un Mot 7:05

Feya Faku: flugel horn and trumpet
Domenic Landolf: alto saxophone and flute
Colin Vallon: piano
Fabian Gisler: double bass
Norbert Pfammatter: drums


Album Cover Theory by Carlo Mombelli and the Prisoners of Strange

Carlo Mombelli and the Prisoners of Strange: Theory (INS0016, 2010)
The Prisoners recorded this album right after their tour to Austria, France and Switzerland in October 2009. It features the music that captivated the audience at the bird's eye jazz club, Basel. The album was launched on 12 April 2010 at the Wits Theatre in Johannesburg (concert review by Gwen Ansell).

01. Theory 7:20
02. I Close my Eyes 6:20
03. Jo'burg-Downpipe-Gutter-Bows 3:23
04. The Hurricane of Silence 8:15
05. Only in the Darkest Night Can the Heavens Shine their Brightest 1:37
06. Religion 5:02
07. Sonic Design Collective Improvisation - Fire 1:22
08. Cycles 4:20
09. The Prayer Flags of Ladakh - Part I 5:47
10. The Prayer Flags of Ladakh - Part II 4:03
11. Angela's Angels 5:09 (dedicated to Angela Francesca Mombelli)

Siya Makuzeni: vocals and trombone
Marcus Wyatt: flugel horn and trumpet
Carlo Mombelli: electric bass, loops, effects and vocals
Justin Badenhorst: drums


Album Cover Paul Hanmer and McCoy Mrubata - The Boswil Concert

Paul Hanmer and McCoy Mrubata. The Boswil Concert (Klangfarben Boswil Nr. 9)
This beautiful duo recording was made in the Alte Kirche Boswil during the residency of Paul Hanmer in May/June 2009.. The album will be released latest in late summer 2010 and is available through the Kuenstlerhaus Boswil or the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

McCoy Mrubata: saxophone, flute
Paul Hanmer: piano, organ


Album Cover: Hilton Schilder The Iconoclast live at the bird's eye

Hilton Schilder. The Iconoclast live at the bird's eye (AMP001, 2009)
Recorded during the residency of Hilton Schilder at the bird's eye in April and May 2008. In his project band The Iconoclast he performed with young accomplished musicians from the Basel Jazz School. Right from the beginning there was a wonderful chemistry and energy based on exceptional companionship, and combining spontaneity with timing and brilliance. The tight brass section provided the powerful dense sound of a big band while maintaining the agility and freedom of a much smaller outfit. The album is dedicated to Alex van Heerden.

01. Sweet as Hani 11:52
02. Langarm 6.50
03. Homer 10:13
04. Cuba Castro 14:34
05. G's Tension 13:35
06. Pang Salie 10:47
07. St. Lucia Draai 4:22

Hilton Schilder: piano
Gabriel Beuerle: guitar
Rita Ekes: alto saxophone
Cedric Gschwind: tenor and soprano saxophone
Lukas Briggen: trombone
Alex van Heerden: flugel horn
Fridolin Blumer: double bass
Daniel Mudrack: drums


A Tribute to Alex van Heerden DVD label

A Tribute to Alex van Heerden (DVD, 2009)
On 7 January 2009 the South African musician died in a car accident. Over the previous four years Alex van Heerden had regular appearances in Basel and enchanted his audiences with his combination of minimal jazz and electronics in the Duo RockArt but also with Cape Jazz (2005), the Goema Captains of Cape Town (2006 and 2007), Hilton Schilder's Iconoclast and the South Easter Project (2008). This tribute featured a panoply of contemporary music from the Cape. Filmed and edited by Andreas Hagenbach, Basel.

01. G's Tension (The Iconoclast)
02. Cuba Castro (The Iconoclast)
03. Email to the Ancestors (Hilton Schilder piano solo)
04: Tesna (Hilton Schilder piano solo)
05: Alex (Hilton Schilder, piano solo)
06. Sabenza (Kate Ehrhardt, Hilton Schilder, Linus Gabrielsson)
07. Ayo / Egberto (Derek Gripper)
08. Segankure (Derek Gripper, Udai Mazumdar)
09. Ek soek vir jou (Hemisfär: Magnus Johansson, Derek Gripper)
10. Groenmeisie (Hemisfär: Kate Ehrhardt, Magnus Johansson)
11. White Sand of the Flats (Paul Hanmer)
12. Red Rock City (The Goema Captains, Mac McKenzie, Hilton Schilder, Stephan Kurmann, Daniel Mudrack)
13. St. Lucia Draai (The Iconoclast)
14. Grassy Park Requiem (The Iconoclast)
15. Criminal Minded (The Iconoclast)
16. Homer (The Iconoclast)

Hilton Schilder, Mac McKenzie, Paul Hanmer, Magnus Johansson, Linus Gabrielsson, Rita Ekes, Cedric Gschwind, Lukas Briggen, Gabriel Beuerle, Martin Wyss, Fridolin Blumer, Daniel Mudrack, Regina Hui, Stephan Kurmann, Udai Mazumdar, Kate Ehrhardt and others

Further CDs and DVDs:
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Marcus Wyatt: Africans in Space
Carlo Mombelli and the Prisoners of Strange: I Stared into my Head
Carlo Mombelli: Abstractions Retrospective 86-92
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