Live at the bird's eye Vol. 13

CD Cover live at the bird's eye Vol. 13 South Africa The sampler Live at the bird's eye jazz club, Vol. 13 South Africa features a cross-section of the concerts with South African artitsts who performed at the bird's eye jazz club since 2004. It was launched on 28 and 29 May 2013 at the bird's eye jazz club with a concert by Hilton Schilder and The Iconoclast! The production of the CD was supported by crowdfunding - Thank you for making it happen!

01: Rockart - Khomani Dreams 4:13
02. Mac McKenzie and the Goema Captains of Cape Town - Red Rock City 8:58
03: Bänz Oester & the Rainmakers - Eucalypso 9:55
04: Rogue State Alliance - Maak it Aan 3:09
05: Paul Hanmer Quartet - Severn 6:46
06: Marcus Wyatt ZAR - That Day She Left 6:55
07: Kyle Shepherd Trio - Dreamstate 9:27
08: The Blue Notes Tribute Orkestra - Dear Africa 8:55
09: Carlo Mombelli and the Prisoners of Strange, European Edition - Buzzycle 6:12
10: Paul Hanmer - McCoy Mrubata Duo - The White Sand of the Flats 13:21


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