Carlo Mombelli: Stories

Stories was recorded live in studio in September 2013 in Basel using vintage microphones from the 1940s and mastered on reel‐to‐reel tape machines. The ensemble for this recording was the quartet that Mombelli formed during his residency at the bird's eye jazz club in 2010, extended by Zulu singer Mbuso Khoza. The music moves between free chamber improvised music, acoustic and electronic, with Mbuso singing his melodies and chants, rooted in the sounds of Africa, mixed with the warmth of Daniel’s 17th century cello, Carlo’s unusual manipulated bass and sound designs, to Adrian’s wailing trombone, that at times sounds more like a French horn, and Dejan’s brush strokes of colour on dark cymbals and Glockenspiel. This is an unusual collection of musical “Stories”.

Carlo Mombelli, bass, manipulated bass and sonic design
Mbuso Khoza: voice
Adrian Mears: trombone
Daniel Pezzotti: cello
Dejan Terzic: drums and glockenspiel

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