When the Union Trading Company (UTC) of Basel seized to operate in the late 1990s the main part of its archives were transferred to the archives of Mission 21 (the successor of the Basel Mission). Among the holdings were approximately 900 shellac records from the 1930s to 1950s. This music recorded in Ghana and Nigeria shall be made accessible in digital form. In a first pilot project 100 recordings from Ghana were digitised and in 2001 a selection was published on the audio CD Ghana Popular Music 1931-1957. Copies of all digitised material were deposited at the relevant institutions in Ghana.
Now the project continues. With the funds raised through the sale of the first CD Ghana Popular Music 1931-1957 another batch of 100 songs from Nigeria was digitised. It is planned to release another CD with the title Nigeria Popular Music 1954-1957. This project comprises an excercise course at the Centre for African Studies Basel and the creation of an online database.